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SmartCare - Zambia

Welcome to SmartCare, a portable integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) system currently deployed in Zambia, Ethiopia, and South Africa.  Perhaps the largest EHR system in use in Africa, it was designed in Africa by Africans and their International partners to be robust in environments with little or no telecom, or unreliable power, and to co-exist with "paper clinics" during a protracted transition.  

SmartCare offers a touch screen Graphical User Interface (GUI) to minimize the learning curve and  enable rapid data entry by clinicians, and the EHR is copied to smart cards for clients to "own" permanently addressing broadband costs and infrastructure failures.

Our Mission 

To enable the delivery of cost-effective, confidential, quality health care for everyone, everywhere, every time, by improving health records and related health information systems.

Our Vision 

Everyone will have Continuity of Care whenever and wherever they need it.

  • Every man, woman and child will have an electronic health record

  • Every point of Clinical Service can access and update this record

  • Every clinician understands the value of the record and is committed to maintaining it

  • Each Clinical Facility and administrative level above it, from district to provincial to national, routinely monitors and evaluates reports from this data, using the information to optimally allocate resources to assure continuous, systematic improvement in Health Services


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